Diani Diaries

Summer started on a high note with my end of high school trip to Diani in the South Coast of Kenya which is a tradition of sorts here in Nairobi. After months of being stressed out with finals and having to figure out what was next for me, these were eight nights of much needed relaxation.

This trip has been one full of amazing memories and I cant wait to go back to Diani.

Diani’s beaches were considered to be one of the cleanest beaches in Africa and I was definitely not disappointed when I got there. Crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches were all i could see for miles!

I learnt a lot during this trip and even though most of it has been repeated by half the world’s population I shall still stress on it just because of how important it is;
Less is more and there is a high chance you won’t wear half the stuff you carry so pack up a few essentials that you can mix and match.

Bikinis are your best friend. Swimsuits are something you will be living in. I would wear my swimsuit from 8 till 6 every day and if i had to pick a beach holiday staple a swimsuit would definitely be it. Theres so many styles to pick from and if you’re not comfortable in a two piece theres a lot of other flattering options available, from cutout monokinis to the basic one pieces all that matters is that you’re confident in what you’re wearing. I even wore a thick bandage crop top with my bikini bottoms so don’t be shy if you want to experiment!

Sunblock is fun. As a self-confessed lazy person I completely understand the struggles of having to put sunblock errywhere! Its easier to just suffer the consequences of a bad sun burn later and cry at the tenderness of your whole body right? Nope! It gets better honestly and when all you have is an amazing sun kissed glow and no pain to accompany it you’ll thank yourself! (unless you’re like me and its impossible to tan D: )

Get out of the hotel. This may just be me bragging about the fact that I didn’t spend the whole week lazing around doing nothing and ending up getting bored like I’ve done in the past *pats self on the back*. Google things that you can do in the local area and try something you never have before, whether it be a visit to the local gallery or having dinner in an actual cave, there’s lots of things to do and you’ll be surprised at how productive you’ll end up feeling!

Take lots of pictures. This is an obvious one, yet I have spent the past 3 days since I’m back regretting this one detail. I don’t mean take selfies every five seconds but take pictures of all the amazing things you’ll be doing. I got caught up having lots of fun and ended up barely taking any pictures but thats water under the bridge and now i’ll have the excuse to go back soon, “for pictures”.

What are your plans for the summer holidays? Leave a comment below! 🙂

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