I have been re-writing this post for the past two weeks, two weeks since I turned 19.
Birthdays are funny; they put things into perspective, summarizing the significance of one more year, the end of a new beginning. This past year was special, a constant uphill battle and hands down the biggest learning experience I have had till now. I have met a lot of people this year and whether they were there for 5 minutes or forever, each and everyone taught me something new!

This blog was a result of this same sort of contemplation that happened a year ago, the day I turned 18. Like many if not all teenagers my life was at crossroads… about to graduate high school with no idea where my life was going to go. The possibilities seemed endless yet so far to reach, life was constantly getting in the way. With the focus fully on high school & studying I was stuck in a rut with no creative outlet for my passion. Although it is less than a year since I started seriously blogging it has been about a year since the idea was conceived and I just wanted to say to all those that have supported me a very big THANK YOU! I couldn’t have done it without my family and friends and of course everyone that’s been following and enjoying (or at least attempting to) the content I put up despite the inconsistency of it. I promise I’m working on it!

Although I haven’t completely figured life out (but who really has?) I have started enjoying the little things and have learned not to take life too seriously.
The most important lesson; standing up for what you believe in regardless of people’s opinions about it, after all not everyone is going to approve of your choices and you cant base your life on the approval of others.
I have always been taught to use my voice to try and help others whenever I can and I want to use this platform to discuss something I am very passionate about.


Less than two years ago I took part in a poetry competition at the celebration of the Fashion Revolution. An event organised worldwide to take a stand against the atrocities taking place in the fashion industry, this being a fashion blog it is fitting that I would be discussing this. In order to write a poem about this matter I first had to have content & that’s when the research began… Google showed me how ignorant I had been on what was going on in one of the  largest industries in the world and since then this issue has stuck with me.

The problems faced in the fashion industry range from social to environmental. I want to help readers understand what is going on (email me if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer!) Living in a developing country I have seen many issues that have taken place first hand and although I have also seen the lack of help given to those suffering in some cases I have also seen the support given to many, I have first hand seen  the greatness of people and brands that have been so proactive in trying to reduce the unfairness occurring in this industry around the world and right here at home, this is what I will be focusing on this year and I’m super excited to share with you stories of all these people that are working so hard to uphold ethical standards in the fashion industry.

Keep an eye out on the blog; the first collaboration on this will be up in the next few weeks!

Lots of love & Happy New Year! Let 2016 be the year you follow your dreams and conquer the world because if you really want it even the world will work to make it happen! 🙂



Pictures: Ritika Purang


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