prints ft lily lake

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The  mix of cultures in the fashion industry has been spilling over from last year and although going on for years its presence is felt now more than ever. With wax prints sported all over the Americas (see here) to vintage tea cups apparently inspiring Indian bridal wear (see here) it is safe to say cultural globalization can be deemed as one of 2016’s go to fashion trend. NB: please be aware and DO NOT insult a person’s culture because it makes for a cool outfit. cool?

In light of that, this trend is a pretty interesting one in that it goes across so many borders and there can be so many ways to pull it off which means there’s a little bit of everything for everyone.

I went for an indo-western inspired theme to try out this trend paired with vintage jewelry found around the house. It was quite intimidating to execute an idea that was stuck in my brain and conceptualizing something to bring out my own interpretation was a lot more difficult than I was prepared for I stuck to a neutral theme of mostly black and white while mixing up things with lots of prints.






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