Pantone’s colors of 2016 – Serenity and Rose Quartz although more muted than last year’s earthy Marsala, these colors are equally as inspiring as their last year’s bold counterpart.

Where Serenity is cool and collected- exuding elegance and an aura of “being put together”, Rose Quartz speaks volumes to me, Rose Quartz is poetry, connecting you with your surroundings and rouses a sense of playfulness that  warms the heart.

Here is a collection of pictures exhibiting my take on the color Rose Quartz paired with stunning jewelry by the brand Poetic Trends which embodies the essence of this color, with every piece having its own story to be told.



EM8A0596 EM8A0606EM8A0625 EM8A0643 EM8A0651  EM8A0684EM8A0761EM8A0688EM8A0741 EM8A0721

Photography: Poppy Miyonga






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