Uncovering; Kipato Unbranded

In an era where globalization is the norm it has become easier to know where your products have come from, with the simple click of a button you can get to know the inspiration behind what you’re wearing , yet the larger our market becomes, the faster we are detaching this invaluable feeling. Learning the story behind your items is an invaluable experience and lets you cherish your pieces even more, with Kipato Unbranded, I got to have this experience.. finding out the story behind the jewelry I am wearing in all the pictures was one great experience and has helped me cherish this art that has been created. I want to share with you this experience because it would be too selfish not to! So come uncover Kipato Unbranded with me 🙂


Kipato Unbranded was a product of a simple dream to create a brand that is ethically responsible and can help create sustainable development on the lives of people that have been disadvantaged.  For Marta, the Founder, the relationship with Kenya and Africa as a whole has been a long and adventurous one! With her work in the development field for over 15 years now greatly tying to the visions of Kipato Unbranded! She has lived in rural Tanzania for 2 years and rural Kenya for 2 years while having worked in the most remote and difficult areas. She lived in Ethiopia as well and has travelled all over Africa – including doing humanitarian work in Sudan, and studying abroad in South Africa. “Africa as a continent inspires me and is where my heart is. Kenya is where my home is.” 



The inspiration behind  Kipato Unbranded – and the people who made it – is to quite simply help people. Summarized in the tag line ‘by everyday people, for everyday people’. They have empowered artists from disadvantaged backgrounds in order to help them succeed in their lives, this entails both professionally and personally. Artists that work side-by-side with Kipato have a unique relationship with the brand- they help create the designs, get to work with other artists, and they know about how Kipato runs and develops every step of the way. They are aware of Kipato’s progress and what is needed to reach various markets and clients.

Marta Krajnik, The Founder, and one of the artists, Ojiko
Marta, The Founder with one of the artists, Ojiko

The founders of the brand and the artists have a close relationship and this has formed the base of the brand; being a family of sorts! Kipato is here to tell the stories of the artists – not only the products they sell. The income artists receive from this business model (50% of returns go to the artists themselves) enables them to improve their lives significantly. “Our artists are our partners in the business (rather than employees), in every sense”. This allows artists like Elijah and Ojiko to develop their skills from more than just jewelry making and has truly allowed them to reinvest in themselves!

DSC_0434 1

DSC_0392 1

The brand hopes for a brighter future for the artists and a brighter future for Kenya and wider Africa. Improved lives for the brand’s artists; education for their spouses, siblings and loved ones.  Better homes that are situated in better living conditions – especially in terms of access to adequate sanitation, electricity, water, etc – the list goes on. For a more dignified and humane life that the artists can be proud of, that they can accomplish their goals and ambitions.


For Kipato, as a business, they envision ethically responsible growth – “we do not aim to be competitive solely in the private sphere, hence being a social enterprise. Our goal is not to hit the ‘international’ jackpot of a million orders a week, a workshop full of employees, and sky-rocketing prices. We envision partnering with outlets with our same vision and mission: fair prices for fair wages, respect and dignity for ALL – including those that make your accessories so you can look beautiful at that amazing party. We envision a vibrant and creative Kenya and wider Africa that can promote their local artists – a socially conscious generation that cares about its’ people and the future of its’ country. We envision a more socially just world. We envision breaking down the barriers between producers and consumers – to empower the everyday person to understand and stand together as one with those less fortunate. We envision fair trade – an ethically responsible era that will question cheap labour that is needed to produce products for mass consumerism with incredible profit margins for capitalist giants”.


DSC_0438 1


Although only a few months old, Kipato Unbranded has set the standard for ethically responsible brands in the fashion industry as a whole and 2016 is their year! Check out the Kipato Unbranded Website and they are even offering  15% off your first order of beautiful jewelry with a beautiful story!

For these looks I styled the Basic collection which is made all out of brass with a red evening gown from Mango that I have had for so many years but never worn, it has found its match in these beautiful pieces!

For the recently launched Savannah Collection, which has pieces made out of recycled bone, beads and brass I made a black dress to let the jewelry stand out while still keeping things elegant, the best part I can easily switch up the outfits and wear these as everyday pieces!

Red dress: Mango (similar), Jewelry: Kipato Unbranded- Basic Collection
Black Dress: DIY, Jewelry: Kipato Unbranded- Savannah Collection

Pictures: Aleena Rupani


I have been re-writing this post for the past two weeks, two weeks since I turned 19.
Birthdays are funny; they put things into perspective, summarizing the significance of one more year, the end of a new beginning. This past year was special, a constant uphill battle and hands down the biggest learning experience I have had till now. I have met a lot of people this year and whether they were there for 5 minutes or forever, each and everyone taught me something new!

This blog was a result of this same sort of contemplation that happened a year ago, the day I turned 18. Like many if not all teenagers my life was at crossroads… about to graduate high school with no idea where my life was going to go. The possibilities seemed endless yet so far to reach, life was constantly getting in the way. With the focus fully on high school & studying I was stuck in a rut with no creative outlet for my passion. Although it is less than a year since I started seriously blogging it has been about a year since the idea was conceived and I just wanted to say to all those that have supported me a very big THANK YOU! I couldn’t have done it without my family and friends and of course everyone that’s been following and enjoying (or at least attempting to) the content I put up despite the inconsistency of it. I promise I’m working on it!

Although I haven’t completely figured life out (but who really has?) I have started enjoying the little things and have learned not to take life too seriously.
The most important lesson; standing up for what you believe in regardless of people’s opinions about it, after all not everyone is going to approve of your choices and you cant base your life on the approval of others.
I have always been taught to use my voice to try and help others whenever I can and I want to use this platform to discuss something I am very passionate about.


Less than two years ago I took part in a poetry competition at the celebration of the Fashion Revolution. An event organised worldwide to take a stand against the atrocities taking place in the fashion industry, this being a fashion blog it is fitting that I would be discussing this. In order to write a poem about this matter I first had to have content & that’s when the research began… Google showed me how ignorant I had been on what was going on in one of the  largest industries in the world and since then this issue has stuck with me.

The problems faced in the fashion industry range from social to environmental. I want to help readers understand what is going on (email me if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer!) Living in a developing country I have seen many issues that have taken place first hand and although I have also seen the lack of help given to those suffering in some cases I have also seen the support given to many, I have first hand seen  the greatness of people and brands that have been so proactive in trying to reduce the unfairness occurring in this industry around the world and right here at home, this is what I will be focusing on this year and I’m super excited to share with you stories of all these people that are working so hard to uphold ethical standards in the fashion industry.

Keep an eye out on the blog; the first collaboration on this will be up in the next few weeks!

Lots of love & Happy New Year! Let 2016 be the year you follow your dreams and conquer the world because if you really want it even the world will work to make it happen! 🙂



Pictures: Ritika Purang


Diani Diaries

Summer started on a high note with my end of high school trip to Diani in the South Coast of Kenya which is a tradition of sorts here in Nairobi. After months of being stressed out with finals and having to figure out what was next for me, these were eight nights of much needed relaxation.

This trip has been one full of amazing memories and I cant wait to go back to Diani.

Diani’s beaches were considered to be one of the cleanest beaches in Africa and I was definitely not disappointed when I got there. Crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches were all i could see for miles!

I learnt a lot during this trip and even though most of it has been repeated by half the world’s population I shall still stress on it just because of how important it is;
Less is more and there is a high chance you won’t wear half the stuff you carry so pack up a few essentials that you can mix and match.

Bikinis are your best friend. Swimsuits are something you will be living in. I would wear my swimsuit from 8 till 6 every day and if i had to pick a beach holiday staple a swimsuit would definitely be it. Theres so many styles to pick from and if you’re not comfortable in a two piece theres a lot of other flattering options available, from cutout monokinis to the basic one pieces all that matters is that you’re confident in what you’re wearing. I even wore a thick bandage crop top with my bikini bottoms so don’t be shy if you want to experiment!

Sunblock is fun. As a self-confessed lazy person I completely understand the struggles of having to put sunblock errywhere! Its easier to just suffer the consequences of a bad sun burn later and cry at the tenderness of your whole body right? Nope! It gets better honestly and when all you have is an amazing sun kissed glow and no pain to accompany it you’ll thank yourself! (unless you’re like me and its impossible to tan D: )

Get out of the hotel. This may just be me bragging about the fact that I didn’t spend the whole week lazing around doing nothing and ending up getting bored like I’ve done in the past *pats self on the back*. Google things that you can do in the local area and try something you never have before, whether it be a visit to the local gallery or having dinner in an actual cave, there’s lots of things to do and you’ll be surprised at how productive you’ll end up feeling!

Take lots of pictures. This is an obvious one, yet I have spent the past 3 days since I’m back regretting this one detail. I don’t mean take selfies every five seconds but take pictures of all the amazing things you’ll be doing. I got caught up having lots of fun and ended up barely taking any pictures but thats water under the bridge and now i’ll have the excuse to go back soon, “for pictures”.

What are your plans for the summer holidays? Leave a comment below! 🙂

DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray

Its that time of the year again, when exams take over our life and the only thing making us push through is the prospect of the upcoming holidays!^

For summer break this year I shall be taking a trip with my friends to the lovely Diani Beach ( one of the most popular holiday destinations in Kenya) and even though our trip is in 25 days i have started primping for this holiday, a girl could never start too early!

A couple of days ago I stumbled upon a DIY recipe that would give me the perfect beach hair but i’m one of those people that has really straight hair that doesnt stay styled no matter how much hair spray is used, yep! Im that girl 🙈

Regardless, i skeptically tried it out.


1 cup hot water

2 tbsp sea salt (add more for increased texture)

1tbsp raw coconut oil

1tsp water soluble hair gel

1-2 drops Vitamin E oil (i used 2 tablets of the vitamin E oil pills and cut them open)

1-2 drops Argon Oil

1 tbsp leave in conditioner

I first dissolved the sea salt in the hot water and the added the oils, i had to heat up my coconut oil as it was pretty solid.

Add the hair gel and the leave in conditioner and put everything in one of those spray bottles that are so easily available.

Shake well and spray on to your hair remembering to constantly scrunch it in order to create texture, you could then tie your hair in a loose braid till your hair dries (i put mine in a bun because of how stubborn it is, a loose braid would definitely do nothing for it)



Its super easy to carry around when you're off to the beach for around the day touch ups.
Its super easy to carry around when you’re off to the beach for around the day touch ups.
What my hair looked like 2 hours after spraying on the mixture,
What my hair looked like 2 hours after spraying on the mixture.

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Found my signature summer hairstyle so thats one thing i can take off my checklist!

Stick around for more pre-vacation blog posts (incase you couldnt tell, I’m super excited!)

×× krupa.

Party under the Trees

I wanted to share with you all pictures from a little adventure I had with my friends recently. We decided to go for a little picnic in the forest and I have to say it was pretty exciting!

PicsArt_1430983333784We went deep into the forest and found a secluded spot where we could set up our area and it was perfect as we managed to get beautiful pictures too!

PicsArt_1430983024564  It was a beautiful sunny day but the previous night’s rain made the ground slightly muddy which you can see through the state of my shoes (hehe).


Outfit Details:

Top: Mr Price

Shorts: Zara

Shoes: Primark

Beautiful Location: Karura Forest (P.S if you’re ever in Kenya do check it out!)

Winter Time Chai

Hi guys I’d like to welcome you all to my blog.

Where I’m from its currently winter and that being said my afternoons usually consist of good literature and a nice cup of tea. Kenya does have amazing tea so its no surprise that I’m addicted!

One of my favourite tea recipes is a blend of tea leaves, cinnamon & black cumin add this to boiling hot water- to sweeten things you can add honey, to make this a chai latte you can add some hot frothed milk and sugar.

For those of you that want to have fun you can make this blend and make customised tea bags (like I did) they also make wonderful presents for the coming holidays!